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 Nexus Group

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PostSubject: Nexus Group   Nexus Group I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2012 5:38 am

Nexus Group MhKVc
The Nexus and the New Nexus were a villainous professional wrestling stable in the professional wrestling
promotion, WWE, that competed on its Raw brand. The group originally consisted of all eight rookies of NXT season one and shifted their roster several times throughout their existence. Their initial goal was to obtain WWE contracts for all members—save for original Nexus leader Wade Barrett, who was already guaranteed a contract for winning NXT. The group went on to antagonize the Raw roster, with John Cena as their main focus, who forcibly became a member of Nexus via a match stipulation at Hell in a Cell. Cena eventually exited the group by being fired at Survivor Series but was later rehired by Barrett. By the start of 2011, Wade Barrett was exiled from the group by CM Punk, who became the group's new leader. Under Punk's leadership, the group was renamed to the New Nexus and became a tight-knit group dedicated to one another by faith.

Apply Format
IG Name
IG Rank
What is your Faction:[ STARS or UC or Civil]
What do you think our Group:
Who is the member of the Nexus: [Just one]

Nexus Group 34i5vt4
Nexus Group MMA-cartwheel-kick-KO
Nexus Group Zipp88Z
USS Private Bravo UnitRank9Former United States Champion-Say goodbye to the good old days Their never coming back Watch your future
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Rookie Survivor
Rookie Survivor

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PostSubject: Re: Nexus Group   Nexus Group I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 3:07 pm

goood faction!

IG Name: [R.A]Ahmad_Ayman
IG Rank: 2
What is your Faction: Civilian
What do you think our Group:it's good & i want to get it the here
Who is the member of the Nexus: [STARS]Nick_Dog

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Nexus Group
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